Employee Service Management

Employee Service Management

All functions are core to an organization in the agile world. It is essential that they work at the same efficiency levels.

SapphireHealth Employee Service Management (ESM) solution digitizes and automates the work processes that can double your efficiencies and cut cost by over 50% making your business agile.

HR Service Management

SapphireHealth automates all the mundane requests and helps your HR teams to focus on strategic aspects.

Human Resource teams work best when they focus on employee engagement, retention and making the employees more productive at work. However, majority of their bandwidth goes into managing routine requests.

Module Features:

  • Employee profile
  • Service requests
  • Letter requests
  • Policies and clarifications
  • No-due clearance

Facility and Operations

SapphireHealth enables your facilities team to address all the service requests and improve the employee experience and productivity.

Module Features:

  • Maintenance operations
  • Preventive maintenance scheduler
  • Vendor operations management
  • Office stationary requests
  • Workplace allocation
  • Energy consumption tracker

Travel and Hospitality

Automate the manual process of sending requests, approval, booking, change request and again the cycle of approvals. Free up your travel team’s time by simplifying and automating the entire travel and hospitality processes.

Module Features:

  • Travel management
  • Accommodation management
  • Transport requests

Financial Services Management

SapphireHealht enables you to maximize self-service and reduces the turn around times, thus improving the employee experience.

Module Features:

  • Claims and reimbursements
  • Advances and loans
  • PF / VPF queries
  • Tax relates queries

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SapphireHealth makes healthcare businesses agile by enhancing quality management and improving patient experience.



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