Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare Asset Management is a comprehensive solution to manage every asset (Capital Assets) of a healthcare organization right from request to retire and ensure reliability, availability, and value for the investment. Assets should not become a liability by creating a risk for your business and operations. In a healthcare industry, it is much more critical as it is the essential driver to deliver Service Quality, Patient Safety, compliance to standards and of course a key cost driver too. These issues demand an Asset Management System which is comprehensive to provide coverage for all type of assets, flexible to model and track every bit of information and relationships, integrated with finance, operations, and maintenance process. This system should provide you with up-to-date information with limited manual intervention. See the list of extensive modules that our Asset Management Solution provides.

Seamless dataflow between financial and operations systems

Asset register is a central repository of complete asset data having all technical, commercial, operations and ownership data which is linked with every process which touches an Asset. It provides complete information about an asset, its history, how it is linked to other Assets. The information recorded in the Asset Register  enables the operations team to take intelligent decisions.

Key Features

  • Powerful and flexible data modes
  • Data model templates
  • Linked with every process impacting asset data
  • Asset relationships & hierarchy
  • ERP and third party integration
  • Depreciation scheduler
  • Barcode and QR code

Be a 100% compliant with asset management policies

Asset Lifecycle Management solution is a workflow for every process in Asset Life Cycle with multichannel access, SLA, notifications and automated asset data updation at every relevant stage – asset request, asset onboard, asset allocation, asset movement, asset upgrade and asset disposal. The cycle starts right from the asset request and goes to various process like approvals, evaluations, operations and finally till disposal. Periodic confirmation of asset ownership by end-user and scheduled Physical Asset Verification will ensure there is no lapse.

Best in class asset availability

Every asset, be it Bio-Medical, Engineering, Facility or IT, needs right expertise to maintain and Manage. Along with expertise the service management process should be matured like an ITIL process, to ensure sustained and predictable service level, accountability and availability. Technical Services is an end-to-end service management process enabled with multichannel access, SLA, notifications, spare management, process automation and asset tagging.

Key Features

  • Integrated service and asset management process
  • Repair services, commissioning,  decommissioning
  • Automated ticket assignment
  • SLA driven with automated notifications & escalations
  • Integrated spare management, asset movement and insurance claim intimation process

Improved asset availability and reliability

In healthcare, periodic asset calibrations are required to ensure reliability diagnosis and also a key compliance point for accreditations. Service Scheduler is automatically triggers maintenance requests based on a predefined schedule, allocates to right technical personals and drives process adherence. Compliance to a preventive maintenance schedule and adherence to the defined process for maintenance is a key driver for the quality and the extended life of any asset. Leaving it to a manual process leads to errors in schedule and process adherence which in turn impact patient safety and cost of operations.

Key Features

  • Auto generated and assigned based on profile
  • Preventive maintenance, calibration, inspection & health check
  • Automated ticket assignment
  • Log book to track usage and / or regular health assessment
  • SLA driven with automated notifications & escalations

Centralized repository of vendor database to drive performance and governance

Vendors and Contracts is a central repository of all entitlement information linked to assets, vendors with automated triggers for renewals. Your asset comes with multiple entitlements be it warranty, upgrades and free services etc. In addition, you have contracts and Insurance for assets to optimize cost and ensure predictable service levels. SapphrieIMS system ensures that these entitlements are leveraged to the best and renewed ontime. It enables you to understand the performance of each vendor & contracts which would help organizations to drive performance, cost efficiency and take right decisions when comes to next purchases or even deciding the financial models to acquire assets.

Key Features

  • Vendor On-board
  • Contract and insurance on-board
  • Track entitlements attached to assets and vendors
  • Auto expiry notifications and drive renewal decisions effectively
  • Leverage entitlement data to drive services efficiently
  • Integrated insurance claim intimation process to drive claim process

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