Healthcare Quality and Incident Management

Healthcare Quality and Incident Management

SapphireHealth provides you with a system to track all adverse incidents, in-depth analysis, drive proactive measures and report quality parameters. All through an automated process. Our healthcare management solution enables you to define the quality components, measure it thoroughly and act on such insights to deliver on the high-quality standards. SapphireHealth significantly reduces your bandwidth so that you can focus on the core quality functions. It ensures that every incident is recorded with details and drive timely RCA and CAPA, which substantially reduces the number of Incidents and ease the reporting for Compliance. SapphireHealth simplifies your process of achieving NABH / JCI compliances.

Rapidly reduce incidents and improve healthcare compliance

Every incident is a potential high risk element to patient health & safety, business and reputation of hospital. Selected type of healthcare incidents has to be reported to authorities also Incidents are not just clinical always, it can be from any function and any time.

Key Features

  • Intelligent and Dynamic workflows
  • Configurable and Dynamic Forms
  • SLA Tracking, reporting and Escalation framework
  • Flexible and Configurable Notification Engine
  • Multichannel access and Updates

Prevent HAI and improve patient safety

Healthcare Associated Infections has huge impact to patient safety, hospital reputation and staff health. Infection control processes has a vital role to prevent HAI. This would include training to staff, availability and adherence of control process, recording deviations and taking corrective and preventive actions etc.

Key Features

  • Automated Infection control checklist initiation and assignment
  • Detailed and Dynamic data capture
  • Vaccination Tracker
  • Intelligent and Dynamic workflows
  • Multichannel access and Updates

Centralized system to initiate audits, track findings, correct non compliances

Audits are the key drivers for compliance and avoidance of adverse incidents. Its should not just treated as a documentation process towards compliance. Audits doesn’t make any sense unless it is conducted on time. Audit data’s cant be leveraged in isolations, it has to be linked with the process, compared with past and should be referred in future.

Key Features

  • Automated Audit initiation and assignment
  • Detailed Audit forms
  • Intelligent and Dynamic workflows
  • Multichannel access and Updates


Continuous improvement on patient safety and patient experience

RCAs are often a team work and a detailed process which demands accountability from every stake holders, enormous reference, detailed recording and review at different stages. Every RCA is a key knowledge base to the entire organization and may be to industry itself. Right RCA ensures right actions for sustained results.

Key Features

  • Detailed RCA form process
  • Link RCAs with Processes
  • Initiate Actions
  • Automated Risk Score Calculations
  • Automated Multichannel Notifications

Single repository of all actions initiated in the organization from various processes

Every actions planned has a right reason behind it. So it is critical. The impact on an action may not be as expected, Unless a action is completed on time. Actions are not typically part of the day to day operations, hence it is important to fix the accountability and track the progress, else it just get side lined.

Key Features

  • Corrective Actions
  • Preventive Actions
  • Link with RCAs and Process
  • Automated Multichannel Notifications
  • Automated Reminders and Escalations
  • Measure adherences and service levels
  • Multichannel access and Updates

Centralized and automated reporting of prebuilt KPIs aligned to NABH, JCI, HAAD

No more surprises in KPI data’s – Every stake holder should get Realtime info on the performance and progress. No more conflicts on KPI data’s – System driven values, referred by every body from single source. No more Delays – It is online and real time access it from any where any time. No more excuses – on manual errors, on huge efforts to coordinate, compile and prepare.

Key Features

  • Quality Indicators
  • NABH aligned reports
  • JCI aligned reports
  • HAAD aligned reports
  • Automated / Manual Updation of external data
  • Auto scheduling and Distribution
  • Deliver as Dashboards, Reports, Emails, PDFs or Excel formats

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