Healthcare Workflow Management

Healthcare Workflow Management

Healthcare is a complicated business and demands a high level of compliance and efficient governance. Complexity and demand increase when it becomes large, multispecialty and multilocation. Most of the times there would be a need for some unique business process to be automated to ensure process compliance / make governance easier / make it more efficient. For example, the very critical process of forms submissions to local Health Authorities and simple but highly used process like visitor pass and approvals, etc.

Workflow Solution

Single Platform for complete Service, Asset and Process Automation

Provide a platform to build apps for various business process to be automated

Healthcare Workflow Management is a platform with multichannel access, flexible to model any process , driven by SLA – notifications and escalations, supported by approvals and enabled with automation.

Key Features

  • Flexible and configurable workflows
  • Single / Multilevel and sequential and parallel approvals
  • Powerful and Flexible Data Modes
  • SLA driven with automated notifications & escalations
  • Multichannel Access
  • Process Automation
  • Insights through Analytics

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