Patient Experience Management

Patient Experience Management

Patient Experience Management is a  system to manage all the requests from your patients. It has committed service levels and proactively capture feedback/complaints / suggestions and drive it till closure. An excellent Patient Experience is the best strategy and a marketing tool. It makes your brand trustworthy and reliable. Just doing a survey and capturing the feedback alone will not improve the experience. It requires a systematic process to get right inputs from maximum people, literally read the mind of the patients, in every possible instance and analyze it accurately. It doesn’t end there. The systems and processes should ensure accountability of effectiveness of the actions planned, which deliver sustainable impact.

Helps in proactive approch for prevention of the complaints

Patient concerns and complaints are taken on top priority by hospitals as it directly impacts hospital’s reputation, credibility and brand. Therefore, in a hospital every complaint is an opportunity to increase your patient engagement and improve experience. An efficient complaint management empowers the hospitals management to take informed decisions  and the staff with the immediate visibility of patients concerns or complaints. The system ensures that you take appropriate actions to reduce risk and improve patient care.

Key Features

  • Capability to integrate with existing systems
  • Centralized repository to track complaints across the departments
  • Fast paced investigation and resolution
  • Escalation of complaints based on severity and repetition

Helps in fast and efficient closure of the requests

Patient Request Management is a centralized system to ensure every patient request is recorded and resolved within the stipulated time. It’s a comprehensive request handling system that tracks the entire cycle of interactions and enables the staff to resolve the request in a timely manner.

Each patient request is an opportunity for a hospital to showcase the importance of patients and their requests. If the organization exceeds the patient expectations then the loyalty of the patients towards the hospital is unending.

Key Features

  • Customer focused approach
  • Helps in fast and efficient closure of the requests
  • Ensures no requests are lost or ignored
  • Helps in monitoring the performance of the staff thereby improving the service quality and efficiency

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